7 November: Growing Renewable Energy

GRESS Opening

Accelerating Energy Transition 

Dr. Dolf Gielen, Director, IRENA Innovation and Technology Center

Measuring Renewable Energy Progress: The Energy Transformation Index ETI

Gerhard Stryi-Hipp, Fraunhofer ISE

Energiewende in Germany and Europe – Status, Prospects, Challenges

Rainer Hinrichs-Rahlwes, Board Member, BEE and Vice-President, EREF

Renewable Energy based Shipping

Gavin Alwright, Secretary, International Windship Association

Bringing energy to unserved areas

Innovating for a brighter tomorrow: Building a green and sustainable future for all

Liu Rixin, Vice President, Goldwind

Rural electrification for local community development

Ousmane Outtara, Director, Mali Folkecenter

Bringing energy to unserved Areas – Some remarks and applications

Frits Ogg, O2G Sustanable Solutions

Utility-Scale Community Projects in Developing & Emerging Countries: Opportunities and Challenges

Sergio Oceransky, Director, Yansa

Creating New Markets

Renewable energy for developing and newly industrialized countries: Building local know-how and overcoming hurdles from a project developer’s point of view

Veera Juusti, Project Manager, ABOWIND

Energy Transition – Taking the Economic and Regulatory Perspective

Kai Imolauer and Christoph Himmelskamp, Rödl & Partner

Perspectives of the Wind Energy Market in Russia in the Global Context

Stefan Gsänger, WWEA

Renewable Energy in Pakistan

Zeeshan Ashfaq, WWEA

Participatory innovation opens up potential market

Shota Furuya, ISEP

Solar Settlements: Living with Renewable Energy

The Range of Solar Energy Today: Diverse and Multifunctional

Dr. David Renné, President, ISES

100% Renewable Energy Regions in Germany – History, Results, Perspectives

Dr. Peter Moser, Institute for Decentralized Energy Technologies

50 Solar and 100 Climate Protection Estates in North Rhine-Westphalia

Dr. Hartmut Murschall, Ministry of Economics, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy NRW

8 November: Implementing 100% Renewable Energies


Policies for 100% Renewable Energy – Lessons from Germany

Dr. Sandra Hook, Vice President German Wind Energy Association BWE

Global Futures Report: Shaping the Renewable Energy Future

Christine Lins, Executive Secretary, REN21 

Integrated Solutions: Around the Clock/Around the Year Renewable Energy Supply

Optimizing load capacity and voltage-stability in very large rural distribution networks with the help of Renewables

Norman Fischer, AboWind

The water battery as a natural power storage facility

Jürgen Joos, CFO, Max Bögl

Establishing the flow – a virtual power plant for the transition towards 100% Renewable energies

Jan Aengenvoort, CCO, NEXT Kraftwerke

Renewables working together for clean energy systems: power, heat and transport

Richard Taylor, Executive Director, International Hydropower Association

The role of bioenergy in integrating renewables

Dr. Heinz Kopetz, World Bioenergy Association WBA

Global 100% Renewable Power Scenario presented by the Energy Watch Group (EWG)

Global Energy System Based on 100% Renewable Energy – Power Sector: Global Overview

Prof. Dr. Christian Breyer, Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland

Building Capacities for 100 % Renewable Energies

Contribution of the EnergyAgency.NRW and the Network Wind Energy to the Energy Transition

Claudia Bredemann, Network Manager, EnergyAgency.NRW

The Renewable Energy Capacity Building & Sciences Landscape

Dr. Osman Benchikh, Former Head of UNESCO Energy Programme and Member of UN-Energy

Capacity building in Geothermal – so much more than electricity

Dr. Marit Brommer, Executive Director International Geothermal Association IGA