Bringing energy to unserved areas

Hundreds of millions of people are living in unserved areas and currently do not have access to electricity, which is the basis for many important activities and services such as lighting, cooling/heating, communications, health, etc. Many regions in the world cannot enjoy those benefits due to the lack of electrification. Fossil and nuclear energy sources have not been able to provide them with a solution. Organisations and companies which are providing practical solutions within the renewable energy field will present their achievements in providing stand alone technology for unserved areas. The session will tackle several key aspects: What is technology state of the art? How to close the funding gap with innovative business models? How to mobilize the necessary resources, starting on the community level?

Liu Rixin, Vice President, Goldwind: Innovating for a brighter tomorrow: Building a green and sustainable future for all
Ousmane Outtara, Director, Mali Folkecenter: Renewables-based mini-grids for rural electrification in Mali
Félix Ebo, General Administrator, ASEMI: Renewable Energy in Benin
Sergio Oceransky, Director, Yansa: Community based renewable energy: New participatory approaches
N.N., Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change of Ethiopia: Progress in Ethiopia in renewable energy supply

Moderator: Dr. Ibrahim Togola, Chair, Malifolkecenter Nyetaa