Creating New Markets

Worldwide, renewable energies have already substantial market shares, and in some countries, they are the predominant energy sources. However, in some countries, for various reasons, the renewable energy markets are still in an embryonic stage. Creating new renewable energy markets requires convincing an array of businesses, policy makers, citizens and other constituencies to see the world differently and to create the appropriate conditions for the implementation for a rapid renewable energy uptake. In this session, companies from different sectors will share their experiences working with developing new renewable energy markets.

Veera Juusti, Project Manager, ABOWIND: Renewable energy for developing and newly industrialized countries: Building local know-how and overcoming hurdles from a project developer’s point of view
Kai Imolauer and Christoph Himmelskamp, Rödl & Partner: Energy Transition – Taking the Economic and Regulatory Perspective
Eugeni Nikolaev, CEO, RussianWind: Growing Wind Power in Russia
Dr. Irfan Mirza, Director, Renewable Resources Pakistan: Renewable Energy in Pakistan
Dandar Oyunbat, Vice President Mongolian Wind Energy Association: Harvesting from abundance of wind and sun – Mongolia

Moderator: Tobias Natt, WWEA