Norman Fischer, ABOWIND

Head of Electric Department

Norman Fischer earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at University of Natal in 1978 and his Master of Business Leadership at the University of South Africa in 1989. After working as Engineering Manager and General Manager for different paper mills he started working for ABO Wind as Head of Electrical Department in 2008. Thanks to his deep knowledge of Grid Systems in various countries his primary focus is on execution of projects internationally.  Although the fundamental principles of electrical engineering are constant and standards similar across markets the specific guidelines procedures and rules embodied in the different grid codes diverge significantly. Norman has managed to gather a personal understanding of these differences and at the same time similarities and to put this to use when tackling unique problems as evident in the distribution network in Tanzania.

My Sessions

Integrated Solutions: Around the Clock/Around the Year Renewable Energy Supply

The successful integration of the different renewable energies for a full renewable energy supply requires innovative technical and economic concepts from the different actors involved in the energy systems. From new technology developments to digital power stations, renewable energy can play an important role in improving the grid management and provide services far beyond today’s […]