Ousmane Ouattara, MFC

Ousmane Ouattara is an Engineer Agronomist, with several years of experience in the implementation of development and cooperation projects with public, private and non-governmental organizations. Presently, Mr. Ouattara is the Executive Director of Mali-Folkecenter a Malian NGO specialised in the energy and environment fields.

Member of several knowledge’ sharing networks and associations in different domains; Mr. Ouattara has gained tremendous experience in the field of project management in several domains like capacity building, rural electrification and micro-financing.

My Sessions

Bringing energy to unserved areas

Hundreds of millions of people are living in unserved areas and currently do not have access to electricity, which is the basis for many important activities and services such as lighting, cooling/heating, communications, health, etc. Many regions in the world cannot enjoy those benefits due to the lack of electrification. Fossil and nuclear energy sources […]