Sergio Oceransky, Yansa


Born in Spain, Sergio Oceransky studied Development Economics in Germany and Human Geography in the UK.  After finishing his studies, Sergio spent a decade working mainly with peasant and indigenous organizations in South Asia and Latin America. Sergio then spent a number of years working as the coordinator of the World Wind Energy Institute (WWEI) in Denmark , a network-based organization aimed at democratizing access to wind energy know-how and technology.  Sergio is a Ashoka-Lemelson Fellow and is the co-founder of the Yansa Group.

My Sessions

Bringing energy to unserved areas

Hundreds of millions of people are living in unserved areas and currently do not have access to electricity, which is the basis for many important activities and services such as lighting, cooling/heating, communications, health, etc. Many regions in the world cannot enjoy those benefits due to the lack of electrification. Fossil and nuclear energy sources […]