Veera Juusti, ABOWIND

Juusti earned her M.Sc. in Geography at the University of Eastern Finland in 2014. Her journey with the German renewables developer ABO Wind started the same year by assisting on Finnish wind project development. To gain international experience she moved to Scotland in 2015 and worked in the company’s local subsidiary. Since early this year, she has been back in the headquarters in Wiesbaden doing international business and project development, with an emphasis on Iranian project development. She has great interest in intercultural cooperation and communication and enjoys combining this with renewable energies.

My Sessions

Creating New Markets

Worldwide, renewable energies have already substantial market shares, and in some countries, they are the predominant energy sources. However, in some countries, for various reasons, the renewable energy markets are still in an embryonic stage. Creating new renewable energy markets requires convincing an array of businesses, policy makers, citizens and other constituencies to see the […]